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Whether you're donating or shopping, you're helping our mission.

The Wellston Center features a large variety of pre-owned, high-quality clothes, furniture, shoes, household items, linens, toys and accessories. Since 1993, we’ve served a dual purpose: to help those in need of donating gently used items, and to provide great finds for those looking to buy them at accessible prices. We meet the needs of both shoppers and donors. The merchandise we carry offers shoppers endless opportunities to find tasteful, functional, and affordable items. 

Real Finds. Real Value.

Our thrift store is open to the public on Fridays and Saturdays with the proceeds from the store directly funding our food pantry. Our thrift store donations come primarily from local parishes, companies, and the community.

Donations to our organization's thrift store are a cornerstone of our community impact. By contributing gently used items, individuals not only support our operational sustainability but also directly benefit the community. These donations extend the lifespan of goods, offering affordable options to those in need while reducing environmental waste. Furthermore, proceeds from thrift store sales fund vital programs and services, fostering a cycle of support that uplifts individuals and strengthens community ties.

What we sell


Children's Clothing


Household Goods

Men's Clothing


New & Used


Women's Clothing

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